Heart Spectrum BP Monitor 


Telemetry Blood pressure monitor     

 model: 809

BP  Monitor with AFib detection


Auto. checking and feeding back self-status funtion BP Monitor model:811
OSTAR blood pressure monitor accords with the medical class   
  1.The sphygmomanometer which Taiwan research and develop , designed and manufactured for the hospital used,that can calculate accurately that the heart beats.

2.For Ostar nursing cart with E_service used ,offers free-charge of telemetry medical service’s application software.

Ostar Meditech Corporation researches and develops the heart spectrum monitoring technology with the world invention patent. It can measure and inspect the affiliation by general blood pressure to obtain the important information ,it can calculate the patient’s heart noise using digital signal processor.

Can offer the design of hospital to prove.
  ISO9001 certificated
  ISO13485 certificated
  CE0434 certificated
  U.S. FDA certificated
  China's national SFDA certificated
Our top blood pressure monitor total and obtain 46 domestic and international Grand Awards. 


Sphygmomanometer that OSTAR designed to the hospital, regard using in the hospital as the goal promptly since designing, adopt the digit signal processor and 0.1% of the accurate components , calculate accurately that the heart beats , the production of Taiwan , reality is inflated and tested 170,000 times.
   •The blood pressure is accurate, hospital correctly compared with mercury sphygmomanometer than correctly.
   Blood pressure accurate , compared with invading type (A-LINE ) right (whether hospital than correctly).
   •The heartbeat is accurate, very accurate quantity examines the heartbeat.
   •The anti-bacteria cuff is taken, antibiotic sphygmomanometer sleeve set, can prevent the germ from infecting mutually.
   •Length of cuff, 1.8 metres of standard / 3.6 metres, can prolong to 50 metres at most (fault scan used).
  •First aid use, can drench with rain using normally in the open air , 5 are designed waterproofly.
   •Operation for sterilization , can use and bleach water sterilization directly , 5 are designed waterproofly.
   •The low temperature is operated, Centigrade is defeated by 20 degrees and used normally (while using in the Tibet hospital), 50 degrees of Centigrade are used normally.
  •High mountain use, high elevation 4500 use normally , correct technology automatically (whether Tibet hospital of using).
   •Military specification , build oneself's system of testing inside and test automatically ( Automatically Testing Engineer System)

   •The patent for invention,can examine the sphygmomanometer of one's own accuracy .

   •The auscultation way of the patent,but the dance disease patient of quantity and blood pressure are up to 280mmHg patient.

   •The baby measurements,born in the baby in 6 hours,the arm enclosed minimum 4.2 centimeters.


• The nurse amount of the ward examines patient's blood pressure, heart and pulses.
• The blood pressure is followed the trail of to 25mmHg , blood pressure amount examining ,
pulsating state of heart under washing the patient of kidney room.
The baby examines at blood pressure measurement of the room.
• The child provides special care to the ward ,serious baby's blood pressure amount of ward to examine,take 3*13.4cm with arm (7.1cm-4.2cm arm is enclosed).。 
• The clinic follows the trail of patient's blood pressure, pulsating state of heart.
• Transmit patient's blood pressure , pulsating state of heart in far distance to the hospital.
Products Features
  •Blood pressure heart spectrum monitor measuring apparatus

•Health examination use of school factory

•Checked and registered through National Health Administration of executive organ
•American food medicine administration bureau FDA certificated
•European Union's medical CE0434 certificated
•Blood pressure oscillogram
•Heart spectrum diagram
•Appearance of diagnosis by feeling the pulse of Chinese medicine
•Doctor's clinic can be offered and diagnosed and consulted through the patient's blood pressure oscillogram
•The amount of timing had examines and prints the function
•Follow the trail of the pulsating state of blood pressure , heart 
 • Measure the peripheral blood vessel ankle arm wrist(Radial, Brachial, Carotid) wave form of blood pressure