Heart Spectrum BP Monitor 


Telemetry Blood pressure monitor     

 model: 809

BP  Monitor with AFib detection


Auto. checking and feeding back self-status funtion BP Monitor model:811
Ostar measurement Series- 807 Blood Pressure Monitor with AF detection.
OSTAR has 14-year experiences on integrating advanced device and AI (Artificial Intelligence) data cloud platform, we mainly focus on developing clinical practices to bring a greater solution for medical systems, cost down enormous medical cost/resource, and boost up the efficiency on medical prevention and heart-related disease.

’’Blood pressure monitor with AF detection ’’ is our advanced device using non-invasive measurement on the pulse waves of the brachial or radial artery and detecting the noises of heart rate, heart valve, and coronary artery, in order to find the symptoms of atrial fibrillation, arrhythmia, heart failure, and systolic dysfunction, etc.  Also, we provide an AI diagnosis technology to verify our clinical practices at Taipei Medical University Hospital, which is remarkably 100% sensitivity and 93.7% specificity as results.

Through our Blood Pressure Monitor With Spectrum, irregular heartbeats, including VPC, APC, Afib, etc., can be spotted. Therefore, it provides an early warning for patients and assist doctor to build the AI heart data platform of the patients.
Our Auto-calibration technology checks and calibrates the device automatically to ensure the accuracy. Users do not need to bring the device back to factory for re-calibration.


Suits personally authenticates
  ISO13485 certificated  
  ISO9001 certificated  
  CE0434 certificated  
   FDA certificated  
  GMP standard authentication
  Auto. checking and feeding back self-status funtion .
Global Best Sphygmomanometer Totally Win 46 International Big Prize

l          For the exactness of blood pressure, it compares with A-LINE type in the hospital.

l          For the exactness of heartbeat, it can precisely measure heartbeat up to 240  per minute with the accuracy less than 2 beats.

l          For anti-bacteria arm-belt, it can be prevented from the bacteria interactive infected.

l          For outdoor use, it can use in outdoor shower with 5-side waterproof design.

l        For low-temperature operation, it can use between  -20 to 50.

l          For the mountain use, it can use at an altitude of 4500 meters with automatic correction technology.

l          For teleportation use, global measuring data can delivery to Taiwan.

l        For RS232 and USB transportations use, it needs to purchase PC computer application 


l          The patient can measure Systolic pressure, Diastolic pressure, and heart pulse for health dominant management every day.

l          The athlete’s blood pressure, heart, and health management in International Marathon, 2005-2008 and Taipei 101 Run Up.

l          Clinical follow-up studies and home monitoring for the patients with Hypertension, Hypotension, Dialysis, and/or Congestive Heart Failure. 


l          Precisely measurement on Systolic pressure, and Diastolic pressure between 25-280 mmHg, and heart pulse: 30-240 times.

l          To measure 30 seconds heart-beat and use DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to calculate the heart noise for three parts: heart rate, value, and coronary artery.

l          To measure the heart rhythm in order.

l          Automatically inflation and deflation test.

l          Build-in-test, and opening to adjust.

l          Build-in-user’s number and company names.

l          Build-in-measurement memory function.

l          To connect with Telemetry Medical Service, RS232 output, and free-charge 

      PC computer  application software.

*The above specification changes not in advance notice as necessary