Heart Spectrum BP Monitor 


Telemetry Blood pressure monitor     

 model: 809

BP  Monitor with AFib detection


Auto. checking and feeding back self-status funtion BP Monitor model:811
Telemetry Blood pressure monitor with spectrum
Ostar Telecare Health Products awarded:
2008 National Innovative Scientific Producttion.
2010 Taipei International Invention show Gold & Silver medals.
2010 The 22nd Taipei International Medical & Healthcare Exhibition Innovation Award.


The characteristics of Ostar Meditech Corp.’s telemedicine care products:

2.4G sphygmomanometer with 2.4G wireless transportations, 
RS232 sphygmomanometer with RS232 transportations,
USB <->232 sphygmomanometer with USB transportations,
MODEM sphygmomanometer with traditional Telephone system,
TCP/IP sphygmomanometer with Internet TCP/IP and
3G, GSM, GPRS sphygmomanometer with wireless telephone Internet.



l          Government vs. alone elders,

l          Family Doctor vs. specific family or individuals,

l          Hospital vs. general patient living in the hospital,

l          Hospital vs. special patient living in the hospital,

l          Hospital vs. patient in the emergency,

l          Portable 24-hour sphygmomanometer,

l          Electronic sphygmomanometer vs. PC computer, and

l        Sphygmomanometer for the emergency net.



l          Assure to reserve data,

l          Automatic measuring and real time transmission,

l          Data stored after measuring provide service for designated time and transmitting target,

l          Modify data via telemetry cloud system,

l          Precisely measure data for Systolic/Diastolic pressure and heart pulse,

l          Measure heart-beat and draw out heart spectrum diagram,

l          Measure pressure of blood vessel during heart-beat and draw out diagram of variance frequency,

l          Calculate heart beat noise on three zones: heart frequency, valve, and coronary artery,

l          Automatically inflation and deflation test,

l        Power on Build-in automatic calibration.