1. International quality ISO9001 authentication
2. International medical quality ISO13485 authentication
3. Product earns American food medicine administrative bureau FDA
1. The 2th of National Business Award
2. The 2th of International Medical Care Innovation Award
3. ASIA MOOT best product, the best business planning
4. Golden Torch Award
5. National Quality Guarantee Golden Award
1. Product earns European Union medical service CE0434 authentication
2. Manufacturing industry medicine business permits the license
3. Trading industry medicine business permission license
4. Earn the GMP standard authentication
5. Earn the Executive Yuan health bureau inspection registration permit .
1. 2005 Good Products Designs Prize
2. 12th Innovation Research Prize
1. American Medical Service Fair
2. American Heart Science Association Fair
Participates in the international large-scale active measurements:
1. World Highest 101 buildings international climb up competes
2. Taipei ING international marathon
Honors :
1. GM-Dr. Chang has the honor to gain Taiwan international to invent
Reward association 8th Science and Technology Consultant
2. 2. GM-Dr. Chang gains outstanding Inventing Awards and invention
Learned doctor the certificate by ROC invention association and the
American ITU university.
In 2006 International Super Marathon match  
Innovation technology:
1. Lives signs monitor studies
2. Sports Health research and plan
3. Endoscopes leak hunting meter research and plan
4. Early times to detect failure of research the multiple organs to plan
5. Early times to detect research the heart failure monitor to plan
6. Occupational diseases to study plans
7. Hearts supersonic waves and the heart pulsation research plans
8. PARKINSONS patients to study plans
9. Foods and the heart relevance research
10. Telemedical services research project