Heart Spectrum BP Monitor 


Telemetry Blood pressure monitor     

 model: 809

BP  Monitor with AFib detection


Auto. checking and feeding back self-status funtion BP Monitor model:811
model : 811

1.      The first automatic correction BP Monitor, do not need go back factory to calbration accuracy. automatic correction every messurement.

2.      Two CPU two sensor design make every messurement accuracy .



l          The patient can measure Systolic pressure, Diastolic pressure, and heart pulse for health dominant management in the clinic.

l         Clinical follow-up studies and home monitoring for the patients with Hypertension, Hypertension,

        Dialysis, and/or Congestive Heart Failure. 


l          Quiet, under 60DB.

l       Can connect with sphygmomanometer, oximeter, glucose meter, ECG machine, RFID, and bar-code

       scanner to measure, and offer free-charge of application software with the hospital..

 l      4 countries 6 gold awards.